Duruchart, your shipbroker house is established in 2013 by co-founders who have strong shipping background, chartering and maritime law experience. Our vision is to be part and junction of both all kind of industry and maritime.



We are serving to local and global factories, traders, agricultural producers and mines who needs to charter a cargo vessel with the close and exclusive shipowner companies which expanded and specialized during years. Aiming to support their clients from beginning of the trade with the correct freight guidance with suitable and specific vessels. It is important for us as well as provide our clients a voyage without problem. Finding best matched vessel and chartering her basis correct and self-contain terms of charter party and provide a voyage in line with these terms is what we call our job.
We are good on the job.

Another meaning of our job is provide perfect voyage to our shipowners. To offer several destinations with suitable kind of cargoes for the vessel is the key of our success. We support shipowners with our experience and knowledge which is sourced thousands of carried out voyages.


Area of Service

All seas, All rivers, All lakes… where a vessel floats but specialized in Black Sea, Black Sea Rivers and Caspian, Mediterranean, Adriatic, Baltic and Continent, Red Sea, West Africa

Type of Cargoes Shipped

From smallest quantity to Supramax;

▪ Palletised - Bagged - Baled - Bulk General Cargoes and Minerals (Cement, Gypsum, Soda, Kaolin, Silica Sand, Salt, Feldspar)

▪ Grain products (wheat, corn, ddgs, barley, rapeseed, sbpp)

▪ Coal

▪ Steel products (rebars, scraps, hrc, wric)

▪ Projects, Heavy Lifts, Over Sized, Yatch, Cars



Sultantepe Mh. Yeşilbaş Bayırı Sk. No:30/8 Üsküdar, İstanbul


+90 216 492 97 13